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FAQ page


What is (print-and-deliver)?

It is web site Specializing in displaying all kinds of solid and printed prints. It contains more than 1000 different designs and more than 50 products covering the needs and desires of all printing customers.

Do I have to register before I buy from the site, and what should I benefit from my account on the site?

Yes, the customer must register a personal account before the completion of the purchase and the customer can also enter through any of the social networking accounts (Google - Facebook - Twitter), after registration the client will have many advantages such as discounts in the future and send him the latest offers and also you will see All the details of the purchasing operations of products previously requested.

Can I send and upload my own personal files and print them?

Sure, each client has the opportunity to send files (Pdf, word, jpg, Xel) by uploading it and we will check the file and complete the printing and delivery as soon as possible.

Can I edit the designs on the site myself?

Certainly, it is a standard feature offered by (print-delivery) customers by providing tools for editing on any product displayed and selecting details that fit the customer's goal.

What if I want to change the size or type of product and the options I want do not exist?

We offer on (print-delivery) all the important details for the customer, but there are additional details that the client wishes to add. A message can be left in the order process within the specified text box, but the execution of the orders and the non-existent options is not confirmed. The specific fees apply only to the selected options Location.

Are there any additional charges for the price of products offered on the site?

There is no extra charge except the delivery fee if you choose the option to deliver to the specified address. Additional charges apply only if there are other custom requests that are not on the site

You have no items in your shopping cart.